After renovating the Province House in Den Bosch, KAAN Architecten asked me to make a film about the building. I started with spending time in it, discovering how spaces visually evolve during the day but also learning about social structures. My findings shaped the story.

The Ministry of Agriculture promotes forward thinking and shares innovative ideas and stories on Instagram. We translate these subjects into a short visual treat triggering the viewers interest.

Architecture firm Powerhouse Company designed this monumental villa located in Munich, Germany. I visited the site to shoot a two minute portfolio film.

In this project a bridge, a school and a park are designed as one. The architects asked me to shoot an aerial video to show how it comes together, quite a stunning sight from above.

Susan Bijl Shoppingbag Video Still

In a one-and-a-half minute stop motion animation The New Shoppingbag by Susan Bijl comes to life and shows all its uses and characteristics.

Powerhouse Company designed the new headquarters of Asics and Danone in Hoofddorp. I visited the site during construction to make a short portfolio film.

Foekje Fleur created a soap dish made out of recycled soap bottles encouraging people to stop using liquid soap. We shot a video to visualise the concept and demonstrate the product.

A commercial for Justlease to promote the brand and the best female Dutch ice skater of all times Ireen Wust. Catch Your Moment produced this video and hired me for camera and drone operating.

Feiko Beckers is visual artist living in Brussels, he works with video, performance, installation and text. Recently I filmed three of his video works named Why I don't own a sofa, The Inevitable Others and Maintenant.

In an ongoing collaboration with architecture firm Powerhouse Company I depict their projects during construction and after completion. I visited the building site of the train station in Assen during the assembly of it's impressive timber roof.

As a Christmas special, Lifehunters wanted to create a mini-documentary about centenarians. I wanted to discover what these people have learned from their 100 year experience in life. Do they look at the world differently, what can we learn from them?

Weerklank was created for the 48 hour film project Leeuwarden. With a small crew we went to Terschelling. The idea was to let the island inspire us to write a story based on the rules of the 48 hour film project. The film was awarded for best sound design, best male actor and best cinematography.