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Bunkertower - A tribute in concrete

In 1970 the Bunker was erected as a university canteen in the city of Eindhoven. With its horizontal closed concrete structure, it was a great example of brutalism by Dutch architect Huig Maaskant.

In the 2010’s developers RED Company and BEING, convinced the city of Eindhoven and its owner TU/e, to renovate the Bunker instead of demolishing it. How? By building a 30-story residential tower right in the middle of the 2-story building. With this bold idea, the BunkerTower was born.

When construction started in 2019, the developers reached out to me. We decided to create a mini-documentary in which the story of the BunkerTower slowly unfolds, while at the same time, visuals show the building being constructed and slowly reaching the sky.

Client: RED Company & BEING
Length: 14 min
Distribution: Online
Role: Producer, Director, Cinematographer & Editor

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