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NEAC Visitor center Margraten

On a calm winter day at the Netherlands American cemetery in Margraten, tensions rise as twenty hydraulic jacks are installed on the roof of its new visitor center. Their task is to lift a 386-tonne concrete fascia, centimeter by centimeter. 

Raising the fascia to its final position, two meters above the soil takes a full day. For the first time, the structure can be seen in its final form, floating in the air, marking the weight that is felt at the site.

The Fascia is made of layered concrete which makes it both fragile and heavy. Lifting a structure like this requires skilled specialists. KAAN Architects asked me to capture this remarkable event.

Client: KAAN Architects, American Battle Monuments Commission
Length: 4 min
Distribution: Online
Role: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist

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