Hi, I'm
Marcel IJzerman.
I'm a filmmaker,
cameraman and
colorist, based in
Rotterdam (NL).

Fine arts

After graduation from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, I decided to move from fine arts to film. Since then I’ve worked for a decade as a filmmaker, cameraman, and colorist. I’ve created many architectural films, product films and collaborated on art films and video installations.

During my study, I developed an interest in observation. The fluidity of visual reality fascinated me, and by capturing fragments of this reality, I was able to get a better understanding of it.

This interest forms the basis of what I do as a filmmaker and it explains my fascination for objects, spaces, and the light that reveals them. Filmmaking allows me to observe and use visual reality as a tool to create compelling stories.


Over the years I’ve developed a special relationship with architecture.

What I like about architecture, is its ability to evoke a certain state of mind, or mood, specific to that place. And I believe good architecture brings forth a state of mind that fits its function.

This ‘visitor experience’ is created by the interaction between the structure, and the atmospheric conditions like light, sound, scent, and temperature. In a way, architecture shapes these conditions.

Unraveling these interactions is one of the things I enjoy most about filming architecture.


Marcel IJzerman
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Baan 74, 3011 CD Rotterdam
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