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As a filmmaker, I collaborate or take the lead in creating commissioned or independent films.

Some of these projects are small and carried out just by me. Other projects require a team. Through years of experience, I’ve created a sizeable network of local film professionals. This allows me to take on projects of different sizes, and to collaborate with the right people.

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Most of my experience as a filmmaker is in cinematography and color grading. Capturing images has always been the core of what I do. In some of my films, the visuals even play a leading role, and that’s why I prefer to be hands-on with cameras, drones, grip, and lighting equipment.

Ever since I started working as a filmmaker I’ve also been hired for cinematography work. As a cameraman I’ve worked on art films, documentaries, and all kinds of corporate projects.

Next to working with cameras on tripods, sliders, dollys, and gimbals, I’m also a licensed drone pilot.

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Color grading

Visual quality in film is partially achieved in camera and partially through color grading in post-production. Its main purpose however is not to enhance images, it is to enhance the story by strengthening the visual story.

Ever since I started making films I’ve colored my own images, and in the past few years, color grading has become a separate practice for me. I’ve graded three documentary films including a feature-length documentary about Canadian conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin.


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